Himanshu Pandya is an award winning travel, wildlife and automotive photographer with over two decades of experience. A regular contributor to Lonely Planet Magazine India and Top Gear Magazine India, Himanshu’s work has illumined over 100 features in the past decade. From Borneo to BMWs, Maseratis to Masai Mara, his lens have captured some of the most splendid scenes and vivid colours that our world has to offer. 

Himanshu's inspiration is his own itinerant childhood. Never confined to one place, he formed his earliest impressions of the world as much from tan fields and idyllic landscapes as from the hustle of cities and the aspirations of small towns. It trained him to sit back, to reject the entitlement involved in framing, in capturing, in delivering a point of view. He is more interested to see, to bear witness to the rhythm and soul of what is around him, to listen with his lens to the conspiracies of a scene as it weaves a singular moment.

When not behind his Lens, Himanshu can be found sipping green tea from his Nungbi black stone & clay cup. He lives in Mumbai, India.